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Shock Doctor Mouthguard Max AirFlow Lip Guard Adult White

Shock Doctor Mouthguard Max AirFlow Lip Guard Adult White.

The Max Airflow Lip Guard is most comfortable “no-mold” instant fit lip guard made from medical grade silicone that remains flexible and resilient in all conditions. Integral bite pads provide a low profile platform for comfort with large AirFlow breathing channel that doesn’t inhibit the air intake needed for those sprints to the goal line. Translucent medical-grade silicone easily cleaned in boiling water or dishwasher with no deformation.

SPORT FIT: Specialty models best used with certain sports

Max AirFlow breathing channels.
Low profile integral bite pads.
Works with braces.
Protects both upper and lower lips.
Full arch upper and lower bite surface also protects teeth.
Perfectly sized breathing channels for optimal oxygen intake.
Low profile, integrated bite pads add comfort.
100% medical grade silicone for instant, no mold fitting.
Easily cleaned in boiling water; dishwasher safe.
Quick release tether allows the lip guard to be used strapped or strapless.
Latex Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free.