Shock Doctor


Shock Doctor Kinesiology Tape

Shock Doctor Kinesiology Tape.

Shock Doctor Performance Kinesiology Tape is ideal for support, preventing injury and aiding recovery from muscle and joint pain, strains, and soreness. It adheres to the skin by gently lifting the top layer to allow for improved circulation, support, and stability to joints and muscles without affecting range-of-motion. The specifically engineered wave adhesive pattern mimics the skin’s natural movement and helps the body heal by improving natural blood circulation.

Shock Doctor Performance Kinesiology can be used to treat all sorts of minor injuries or pain - from Plantar Fasciitis and Calf Strains to Runner’s Knee and Rotator Cuff Pain. And with their continuous length roll, you have the flexibility to cut the tape to any size you need no matter your shape or size.

Supports muscles & helps prevent injury.
Improves circulation to aid recovery.
Adhesive pattern flexes & moves naturally.
100% Latex Free & Hypo-Allergenic.
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